My health, my right

decembar 02 2017

Under the motto "My health, my right", Red Cross - Prilep marked December 1, the World AIDS Day and the AIDS Week, with a campaign that runs from December 1. to December 7. 2017.

The campaign focuses on the right to health and explores the challenges that people around the world are facing in exercising their rights.

All people, regardless of their age, sex, race and place of residence, have the right to health and deserve equal health opportunities, as well as accessible and quality health services free of discrimination. This year's campaign reminds people that the right to health is much more than access to quality health services and medicines, that it depends on a number of other conditions such as adequate sanitation and housing, conditions for a healthy work environment, clean environment and access to justice .

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If one's health right is compromised, then he/she is unable to exercise his/her rights to prevent illness, and improve his/her health, including people with HIV, to have access to treatment and care.

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