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Photo stories by Sasa Djordjevic

Serbia, until 1990 a respectable country, in last thirty years has been devastated by wars, the economic sanctions, poor national politics and finally by the the economic crisis.

Gallery "Fairy city - from dusk till dawn" presents the photographs of urban landscapes of Nis taken in certain light conditions when the brightness gives an unusual beauty and mystique to these urban units.

A married couple Zorica Lazic and Daniel have been working in the family-run 200-year-old mill for their entire life.

Panta Petrovic (65), lives in a house on a tree on his farm in the suburbs of the town of Pirot.

Serbia is among the most rural countries in Europe. For young people in Serbia it is increasingly difficult to live in the countryside, and agriculture remains to the pensioners.

Life in the towns and cities of Vietnam is lived on the street: where tradition, religion, communist ideology, globalisation, poverty and new wealth are in constant flux.

Donja Lokosnica, village in Southern Serbia is the Serbian 'capital of paprika', since almost all of the 1300 inhabitants are involved in growing paprika.

One of the most famous village festivals held in the Balkans is the Vevcani Carnival which is held in city Vevcani in southern Macedonia. It is believed that the custom is over 1,400 years old.


Da li mislite da deca migranti treba da idu u školu u Srbiji?

  • Da, jer sva deca imaju pravo da se školuju
  • Ne, ne želim da se mešaju sa našom decom
  • Nisam razmišljao/la o tome


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