decembar 15 2017

On the occasion of the patron celebration of Prilep, "St. Nicholas", the Municipality of Prilep, in cooperation with the primary schools of the city, announces a rewarding competition on the topic "Humanity - the foundation in interpersonal relations". All pupils from elementary schools in the city can participate in the competition with their own short stories.

With many activities in Prilep is celebrated the holiday St. Nicholas, the patron saint of the city. The jubilee tenth celebration began in the morning with a holy divine liturgy in the church "Holy Annunciation", and in the center of the city the Slavic cake was sanctified before the chapel.

Students should submit their stories to their subject teachers who select the best three from each school and then they should be sent to the Municipality of Prilep no later than 14.12.2017.

The jury which will evaluate the stories will be the teachers of the Macedonian language from the elementary school "Kliment Ohridski", the elementary school "Koco Racin" and the "Kire Gavriloski" elementary school, as well as two representatives from the Municipality of Prilep.

On Friday, December 15, 2017, at 12 o'clock, the best three short stories will be selected, and the authors of the best short stories will be rewarded with books and cash prizes.

For the first prize, 3,000 denars are foreseen, for the second 2,000 denars and the third prize will receive 1,000 denars, funds that will be allocated from the budget of the Municipality of Prilep, intended for the development of education.

The prize-giving of the students will be presented by Prilep Mayor Ilija Jovanoski at the „St. Nicholas“ Day festival at 10.00 am in his cabinet in Prilep Municipality, where besides the students, the subject teachers of the award-winning students are invited.

This is just one of the many activities that are organized in Prilep on the occasion of the patronage of the city. A humanitarian tournament in football is also organized, and the collected funds will be donated to equip a new Center for children with cerebral palsy.

Within the celebration, a city dinner is also planned, and this year hosts are the company "Salida".

Reporter: Martina Biljarovska


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