School performance by children with special needs from the Elementary school "Kliment Ohridski" - Prilep

decembar 05 2017

On the occasion of December 3th, the International Day of People with Disabilities, members of the Council of the Municipality of Prilep and a delegation from the Local Self-Government have visited the classes where children with special needs are studying at the elementary school "Kliment Ohridski".

Representatives of the Municipality of Prilep gave the children with suitable gifts and school supplies, and also attended the suitable program prepared by these students.

In the elementary school "Kliment Ohridski" there are 42 students with special educational needs from 1st to 9th grade and who are with the constant support of the teachers - defectologist.

The children with special needs from this school, together with their carers and teachers, prepared an excellent performance with reciting, reading, dancing and singing.

Several older members addressed the event as well with phenomenal and quite emotional creations in relation to the children with disabilities.

As a conclusion of the event, the message that was sent to the Governmental structure was that these people need constant care and realization of their rights, not just on December 3th.

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