Number of residents - one Photo: S. Djordjevic

Number of residents - one

decembar 14 2015 Galerija slika

Serbia is among the most rural countries in Europe. For young people in Serbia it is increasingly difficult to live in the countryside, and agriculture remains to the pensioners.

Rare marriages, a small number of children, the huge migrations to the cities make up only a part of the reason why on the map of Serbia there are as many as 1,500 villages in which in a year not a single child is born. They are not rare villages where there is only one resident in the advanced age of life, who is sentenced to solitary life in conditions reminiscent of the time of a hundred years and more ago.

Photo Saša Đorđević


Da li mislite da deca migranti treba da idu u školu u Srbiji?

  • Da, jer sva deca imaju pravo da se školuju
  • Ne, ne želim da se mešaju sa našom decom
  • Nisam razmišljao/la o tome


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