“Neighbourhood Stories (1+2)” by Sinisa Stankovic

jun 25 2019

“A storybook about the Skopje neighbourhoods, written in the family buffet ‘Nostalgia’ by the Random Passer-by through his and your lives…”

The book “Neighbourhood Stories (1+2)” by journalist Sinisa Stankovic and published by “Ili – ili”, has come out of the press.

In the book that contains 65 stories (or, as the author calls them “notes of the Random Passer-by”, prepared as a side dish for a chat, in the family buffet ‘Nostalgia), there are also about twenty photos published on the topic “Neighborhood Stories” from famous Macedonian photo reporters: Gjorgji Licovski, Ognen Teofilovski, Robert Atanasovski, Tomislav Georgiev, Boris Grdanovski, Nake Batev, Maja Zlatevska, Andrej Ginovski and Radovan Vujovic.

As the author wrote in the announcement for the promotion “for and about the book and our neighborhoods (with a little favoring of the people in Karpos), Dr. Kalina Maleska, actor Dragan Spasov Dac, musicians Petar Rendzov and Risto Samardziev will be chatting, reading/singing, everything according to the ‘good old neighborhood rules’: hanging out, chatting, music from “our times”, buffet with low prices…”

Stankovic is a journalist and writer, the last two decades he is a correspondent for the Voice of America in Macedonian, while “Neighbourhood Stories (1+2) is his seventh book.

„Ili – ili”


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