Alexander the great

januar 11 2018

The kitsch statue, which depicts the ancient warrior king Alexander the Great is erected in the center of Prilep, continuing the story of building highly controversial monuments in  Macedonia.

The whole world is already shocked Skopje 2014, the retro collection which was part of a controversial urban-renewal project, starting in 2010”. For some, the undertaking, which includes statues, buildings and renovations, was an attempt to refashion the center and attract tourism. For others, it was a political scheme to leave an inappropriate stamp on the culture’s legacy — with a ballooning price tag.

Prilep Aleksandarmakedonski 1

                                                          Aleksandar Cvetkoski

Aleksandar Cvetkoski, following the previous story of the serial Monuments in Prilep, now elaborates other, extremely interesting character for our history, and his not so interesting monument. The pedestal here is  oversized as well and as it can be seen in the pictures, is does not fit at all.

One important thing that it should not have been mistaken in the projection, is the Phalanx's spear in Alexander's hand. That is a weapon used by the lowest army members, and there was no possible way of seeing the King with spear in his hands. The only weapons that Alexander care were his sword and the royal scepter.

On the pedestal of the monument there is a map from then Macedonian Empire. Mr. Cvetkoski says that it is the same thing as if Serbia wants to be widespread to Tokyo. He questions the mentality of the people on the Balkans, why is everyone dreaming and wishing for some "Big" countries, because the answer is everywhere the same: Big country - unhappy  people.

OTV Prilep

Reporter: Martina Biljarovska

Camera: Filip Stojanoski

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