Zorica Joleska Mircevski - Special needs teacher and personal assistant

decembar 02 2017

The biggest obstacle that the people with special needs encounter are the people of their environment.

When one mentions about persons with disabilities, they are most often seen as victims of the level of damage, while their strengths, abilities and skills are overlooked. Persons with disabilities are treated as having no right and ability to express themselves and self-realization, instead of being treated as persons who can be socially useful" - said Zorica.

She hopes that the topic of the people with dissabilities in Prilep will be opened more often and not on December 3rd only. Zorica stated that in our municipality it is necessary to open debates discussions, hold seminars and educate about the abilities of disabled people.

"The more we have contact with them, the more we become accustomed to them and the prejudices we have towards them are destroyed. Apart from the competent institutions, each of us can contribute to a better quality of life" - concluded Zorica.

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